Baths are so underrated


So it’s no secret that my husband and I are about to own a home, an actual home. So I’ve thinking of things I want to do in our apartment while I still can. One of them was try out the bathtub, it had just been recently painted or glossed and I wanted to finally try it out and see if it was in deed big enough to bathe an adult. I had this Wicked Bath Bomb from Fragrant Jewels and decided to use it. It was a bath bomb from Halloween so it was supposed to smell good and change the bath water from clear to jet black. I fill up the tub and get in before releasing the bath bomb. I watched the bomb fizz and disappear completely revealing my costume jewelry ring. Yes, it’s a bath bomb with benefits, from Fragrant Jewels.

When the bomb had disappeared I finally took the time to lean back and see how comfortable I could be. It wasn’t the ideal bathtub because it didn’t let you fully submerge yourself at one time. You kind of have to flip like a pancake to get an even coating of water, but the water was nice and warm. It smelled great from the bath bomb, looked cool and felt great on my muscles. My neck has been bothering me lately so I decided to see if that would help and it definitely did. I really don’t know why adults stop taking baths. When you’re a kid they were great, they were the time your imagination kept you busy.


As an adult you can utilize a bath to relieve stress and rejuvenate the body. I got out of that bath smelling good and I felt like a big pile of warm ooze. I was so relaxed I could’ve laid down and went to sleep right then and there. It was just so amazing. Now, I wouldn’t take one every day but I would definitely take one 1-2 times a week. It just feels like a great process for your body to experience and why do we feel the need to deny ourselves that as an adult?


The Home Buying Process or Why I’ve Not Been Blogging for Awhile

home (1)

Hello everyone! I tend to have these lags of non-posting and I feel really guilty about it. I love to post about random topics and topics that are important to me as well. While I’ve been lagging in regular posts, I have been maintaining posts on my movie review site, that is just for horror films. That is honestly keeping me sane through the home buying process. Yes, my husband and I are finally taking that big step into home ownership. It’s a rite of passage and a great opportunity, but my goodness, the process feels like you’re trying to buy a state.

I love the idea of having my own home where I can create memories with my husband and our future kid. That’s the positive thought I have to hold onto while navigating the crazy world of home buying. Looking at houses is the easy part, making an offer is also an easy part, all of the steps after that can be a little taxing (to put it nicely). There is a request for documents, followed by another request for documents and that can happen another two times. On top of that you have to take a homebuyers education course, mostly if you’re a first time home buyer.

It just seems like they could make the process easier, less taxing. I will say that if it wasn’t for our real estate agent and mortgage professionals it could be a lot more stressful, but because they’ve been patient with us, explaining things as we go, we’ve been able to mentally hang on. We found a house, made an offer and it was accepted. We’ve been through the inspection, repairs, the appraisal, and now we’re awaiting the closing date. This past week we gave notice to our apartment, who of course wants to charge two months’ rent as well as a fee for getting out of our lease. That’s ok, because we’re being set free soon. We no longer have to worry as much about all the tiny things that make apartment living a hassle.

home.jpgI told my husband that a healthy exercise while we wait for the closing date would be the following: What I Will Not Miss about Living in an Apartment. We will be getting that list together and posting it soon, but here’s a preview…..I look forward to now more stairs. We’ve been living on the 3rd floor for over 5 years and I look forward to having no stairs. Granted, it’s kept me in good shape but it’s just not a good long-term solution, especially if we want to have kids in the near future. I also won’t miss dealing with loud, inconsiderate neighbors. You know what I mean, the people who have their arguments outside, stomp up the stairs like they have diving weights on their ankles, and the people who have loud music playing off the balcony till 3 a.m.

I do appreciate the apartment for doing its job though. It gave us a decent place to live for about 5 years and it gave us some pretty good memories. Here’s a helpful tip, if you plan to look and buy your first home, maybe take the homebuyer’s education course first. WE didn’t take that until a few weeks ago and some information in it would’ve been really helpful at the beginning, if we had only known to take it then. Good luck out there if you are looking, it’s a crazy market!

Anxiety: Controlling That Inner Voice

This is just an interpretation of what it’s like when you have anxiety and basically have a mental conversation with yourself:

I can conquer this,

No you can’t, this is it,

I can maintain my bliss,

No you can’t you are sick.


Can’t listen, I’ve been wrong before,

Don’t have much time, it’s happening now,

You can’t keep doing this to yourself, not any more,

Can’t believe you’re not listening, wow.


Stop talking to me, feeding me lies,

It’s time to freak out, you know it’s true,

Trust your gut, it is more wise,

You’ll never win, I have hold of you.


I can do this, just have to breath,

You’ll never be rid of me, as hard as you try,

Any crazy thoughts, just ask them to leave,

Will try to torment you until the day you die.


Daily Prompt Word:

Luck Run Out??

I’m a very lucky and blessed person. I have people who love me and protect me. I have a roof over my head and food to eat every day. I am blessed. There are things that come along the way, the bumps in the road of life, but they tend to work themselves out in long run. I’ve suffered from anxiety for most of my life and the only thing that has significantly helped ease that would be self-reflection.

I’ve taken the time to breathe, meditate and figure out what drives me to think that a cough or ache could be something more. I can’t tell you how many false alarms I’ve had, how many doctor visits I went to because my head made me think something was wrong and it wasn’t. I realized, after much self-reflection that I am an anxious person and what I’m most anxious about is life. I know there can be only so many good things that happen to you and that in life there will be bad things. I discovered that right at the core of my anxiety was a single question, “Something bad should be coming soon right?”

Basically my subconscious knows that I’ve been blessed with family, a job and good health. And deep down it is wondering when the next bad/negative thing will come. I think my body acts as if it’s anticipating something that hasn’t quite come yet. Now I know that’s no way to live. You can’t live fully while fearing what lies ahead. I know this, but my subconscious, or wherever my anxiety comes from doesn’t realize this. So it’s a constant juggling, a constant battle. I win most of the time, my logic breaks through and takes over. But sometimes there still is that little voice deep down that tells me that it can’t last forever. I just keep pushing it down into the dark pit in belongs in because there is no way to tell the future and there is no sense is worrying about it. Just live it the best you can, that’s what matters.

Daily Word Prompt:


When I was younger I would take these walks around the neighborhood. My childhood was spent outside either in my yard or around the neighborhood. I knew it by heart. I would ride bikes and walk around that neighborhood over and over again. I could probably walk it now blindfolded. I remember this huge massive tree in one part of my neighborhood. It was always took me to a different place.

You see, the tree was massive and the leaves were massive. They would change into all sorts of colors and it was just bewildering to me. It was a tree unlike the others, it seemed like it was taken from the north and planted right here, in my neighborhood. I liked imagining where it had been and what it had seen. I wondered why it was so different then the others.

I remember walking on the sidewalk near the tree and stepping on the leaves it produced, hearing that crunch sound was my main motivation. I haven’t been back there in a while. I haven’t looked to see if that tree is still there.  I hope it is. My parents still live there so I hope it’s still there so that one day I can bring my kid there to enjoy the big massive crunchy leaves.

Daily Prompt Word: