Thoughts on Loss

The memory of you ebbs and flows,
The space you once held remains open,
No one can fill it, no one can try,
I’m just stuck here, with that empty space,

I have the memories that shine with nostalgia,
They taste bittersweet, not always going down smooth,
I’ve moved on, in part,
But there’s still a piece of me waiting for you,
Waiting for a word, a sighting, anything,

When I’m at my lowest, I always hope you’ll appear,
But you don’t, you can’t be what I need,
Not anymore, you’re destined to be something else.
You’re the faint sound of the wind, a sound or smell, clear only to me.

What could’ve been, a thought always present in my mind,
I’ll never forget you, as a part of you is within me,
I’ll remember you as you were when I was young,
When the whole world was before me and I had you.

I wish I had known how important our time was.
Now that I know, I wish now for nothing but time…

Anxiety: Controlling That Inner Voice

This is just an interpretation of what it’s like when you have anxiety and basically have a mental conversation with yourself:

I can conquer this,

No you can’t, this is it,

I can maintain my bliss,

No you can’t you are sick.


Can’t listen, I’ve been wrong before,

Don’t have much time, it’s happening now,

You can’t keep doing this to yourself, not any more,

Can’t believe you’re not listening, wow.


Stop talking to me, feeding me lies,

It’s time to freak out, you know it’s true,

Trust your gut, it is more wise,

You’ll never win, I have hold of you.


I can do this, just have to breath,

You’ll never be rid of me, as hard as you try,

Any crazy thoughts, just ask them to leave,

Will try to torment you until the day you die.


Daily Prompt Word:


Her instinct was to run, as far as she could get,

Far away from the possible pain,

Far away from the possible regret.


But what she didn’t know,

What she didn’t think through,

There was only so far to go,

Before she realized she needed you.


So she made the journey back,

Along the way she thought of what to say,

Of why she felt so out of whack,

And of all days on their wedding day.


Her instinct told her to run,

From the uncertain and obscure,

Not to stay and weather the storm,

But to remain protective and unsure.


But she continued to come back,

To face her decisions poor,

To put her life back on track,

And to doubt his love no more.


Thirty years went by,

They seemed to go in a wink,

She thought of her loving guy,

Thoughts of leaving him she never again did think.

Daily Word Prompt:

See You Clear As Day

In my dreams I tend to see you,

It always takes me by surprise,

And when I wake or come to,

I find tears in my eyes.


They don’t come from sadness,

They don’t come from fear,

Once could turn to madness,

When I realize you’re not here.


It all seemed so real,

So vivid and true,

But then I’m left to feel,

And confirm once again, I’m missing you.

Daily Word Prompt:

Ode to Chocolate

Chocolate, I have to resist you.

You whisper sweet nothings in my ear,

Your taste I long and cling to,

As long as I have you near.

Chocolate, I have to resist you.

Always thinking of your taste,

You chase my troubles away,

You are just too good to waste.

Chocolate, I have to resist you.

I must stop the cravings coming in,

It’s a constant battle against you,

One I’m not sure I will ever win.

Chocolate, I cannot resist you.

But why should I have to try,

Trying to live a life without,

Why should I even try?

Daily Prompt Word: