The Dating Culture Today

What is the dating culture in these modern times? I’ve been out of the single life for over ten years now. I’m not bragging about it, just relieved at times because dating as an adult now, seems more complicated that it used to be. What ever happened to meeting someone and simply saying, “You seem cool, would you like to go out? Get a coffee? Grab some lunch?” When did it become so complicated? When did our culture support a “dating app” called Tinder over traditional dating?

I have a dear friend, one of the closest friends I’ve ever had, really don’t know what I did to deserve her. Anyways, she is one of the funniest real women out there and she has to face the struggle of meeting someone genuine. It’s hard to do that with online dating sites because you never know who is there for something real and who is there for simply a one night stand. I feel like dating is moving further away from meeting face to face and more towards ordering a date online like you would a pizza.

Now, to add to this, I’m not knocking online dating. I know people who have met the love of their life through an online dating site. I think for certain situations it is a great alternative, it saves time for people who don’t have the time to just run into people on the street . My overall opinion is that you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. I think a good mix between real life and online would balance out perfectly and result in Mr. or Ms. Right.

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I Remember My Younger Self

I remember you, my younger self. I remember how simple the times were, how simple life seemed to be. You were carefree and uninhibited. You had no huge responsibilities or worries. You just simply existed to run, play and go to school. Sometimes I envy the simplicity of you, but then I remember what makes life so worth while, and that’s challenge.

I remember you with fondness, with memories so clear and warm. I remember when our family was bigger and everyone was together on each and every holiday, no exceptions. Whenever it feels like I’m losing more of my family I look to your memories..

Some people say its pointless to look to your past for guidance, but I don’t believe in that. I look to my younger self for inspiration, confidence and courage. It seemed that my younger self had plenty of that before reality set in and to rose-colored glasses came off. I’m fine with reality, I’ve always looked forward to responsibility and structure. But every once and awhile I like to look back at my younger self..

Nothing wrong with that.

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July 4th-Celebration 5K

13615301_10154366108728331_6424794953064331868_nI really had a good fourth of July holiday this year, which coincidentally was my cousin’s birthday as well! Early July 4th I participated in a Celebration 5K. It sounded like a great thing to do a week ago, but then when I woke up around 5:50a.m. on my day off, it suddenly didn’t seem like such a great idea. But I shuffled out of bed and went, because it was a healthy activity and I had no excuse not to, except for sleep, but oh well. I thought that it was pretty low to complain about such a simple sacrifice to celebrate such an important day.

It was a few minutes before the race started and they were trying to get a few people to carry some of the american flags they had remaining. Before the race you had the option of signing up for this and then at the race they encourage people to carry the flag in a show of honor and support. I saw this young volunteer walking up and down the line trying to see if someone wanted to hold the two flags he had remaining. He got one person and then couldn’t get another. I had a thought for a brief moment, has it come to this? Is it at the point where someone has to nearly beg/plead for another to hold the american flag as a sign of support?

I raised my hand and volunteered. I knew the flag would get in the way (and it did) but I also felt it was important to show some pride on a patriotic day. It was a hot, sweaty almost unbearable race. At times the flag was in the way and would slip because of my sweaty hands, but I was proud to carry it and proud to finish the race f it. I think there is significance in respecting your country’s history and paying respect to its beginnings. I know that everyone does so in their own way. This was my way. Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!!

This City, My City


This City is old,

This City is mine,

This City’s never cold,

That suits me just fine.

This City is not all-knowing,

It’s full of goofy characters and such,

This City though is still glowing,

To many it still matters very much.

This City is where I grew,

This City is where learned,

It will always be special,

No matter where I end up.


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Just a positive word, I think. I mean, I know that you can transform into something negative. But for the most part I believe that we can transform into something good. We have that power and that free will. It’s hard to avoid transformation because there are things constantly happening to us that has the power to change us.

What is your idea of transformation? Is it being a better driver? Being a better parent? or just simply trying to be a better person? We all have an idea of what we’d like to transform into. To me, Transformation isn’t required for every step of life. You can be who you are, but still be open that one day you will need a transformation in one area or another.

I believe that us being open to transformation is step 1, step 2 is realizing what is being transformed and step 3 is letting it take shape. Like I said earlier, Transformation isn’t always negative or positive, but I feel it’s the positive ones that you remember the most. I remember when I had a transformation.

I was invited to a lake house with my then-boyfriend, now husband’s family. We had just been dating four months so I was really still in that phase of wanting them to like me soooo much. We went out to the lake one day and his sister, who was 7 or 8 was nervous about going into this murky dark water. Wanting to fit in and be liked I offered to take her in, to be with her. She grabbed my hand, with that little hand of hers and in that moment I was transformed. She jumped into my harms and I held her at my side as we went it. Once she was in, she was no longer nervous. But that moment, when someone depends on you to protect them and guide them… That’s the moment I knew I wanted a child. I transformed into that person.

Before that moment, I couldn’t tell you whether I planned to have children or not. It really wasn’t a thought in my head (was 16 at that time), but when that moment happened I knew for sure. It became something much bigger than myself. That’s what transformations can do. They can move us in a direction we had no idea we wanted to go. I’m amazed by this..

Endless Sky


It’s been awhile since I’ve written any poetry, so please be as kind as possible. blue-sky-clouds

When the world seems crowded and small

We look to the endless skies above

Our worries become nothing at all

Let the blue remind you now

That things will work themselves out

And you’ll make it somehow

No matter how populated we are

From time to time we look at the sky

And are reminded how small we really are

In the universe’s eye

What Our Purpose Is


Purpose. What immediately comes to mind is the ultimate question, What is my purpose? Do I even have a purpose? Is there a plan? Is there not a plan? What am I to do? You can literally drive yourself crazy with the endless amount of questions to yourself. As humans, I think it’s important for us to have a footing in this world, to know that what we do can and will make a difference.

When we feel that we have no purpose we tend to become sad or depressed. That’s just how we humans tend to work. We don’t realize that what we do every day serves a purpose. Being kind to others, being professional at work, being strong, things like this. These things are what determine our purpose. We can change what our purpose will be if we wish to. Anything is possible.

So if you do not know what your purpose is right this second, maybe you’re looking too hard at yourself or maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. But you do have a purpose and you’re most likely fulfilling it right now. I realize now that this post is very optimistic, but I think it’s true. Maybe my purpose is to inspire? Who knows, but I’m open to the possibilities that await me..