There seems to be a profuse amount of  negativity in the air at this moment. I bet you that there will be some people who immediately jump to politics when I say this, or to the sexual harassment awareness environment or to the racial movement and some may even jump to the police use of force awareness. Sure, you could think of negative things when you think of all of that, but I’m thinking in general. We can’t get 1 week into the new year before someone murders someone or before someone drinks, drives and kills someone. We cannot go one week into the new year without drugs being spread, people overdosing and we cannot go one week into the new year without another lost soul thinking there’s only one way out.

There’s just this profuse amount of hatred, bigotry, lack of consideration that has just spread like the plague and no one seems to notice. If anyone has noticed then no one has taken steps to change the environment. I really don’t know what’s more toxic now a days, the actual environment itself or the environment we create around us. Where is our humbleness and our humanity, our compassion? I know this may be a rant that goes no where but surely I’m not the only one who thinks this? I don’t want this to turn into any one discussion but I want to know if there are others that just get astounded at the way we treat each other lately.  It seems to be getting worse, not better.

We have to stop pointing fingers at others for the wrongs in this world and turn the attention at what we’re doing as well, or more on what we’re not doing. Are we standing up for what we believe in and looking at situations from all sides? Are we evaluating policies and practices that my outdated or offensives. I think we can be progressive without the endless shoving of the same information down the throat. Instead of receiving constantly new information to help me move onward, I get the same regurgitation of the “facts” I’ve already heard. It is truly amazing how profuse the negativity is. Let’s try to be a little nicer to each other, realize that everyone has their own battles. We should be compassionate and open to new things. Thanks for listening to my rant, I’m sure it will not be the last one in my life.

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What makes us hesitate so much in life? Is it the fear of making mistakes or the fear that it will all work out and then what do you do next? Some people are scared that once they reach their goals, what will be the next steps? What will they do to fill their time or keep their mind busy? It’s okay to hesitate, to be cautious before taking big steps. To me, there’s nothing wrong with testing the water temperature before jumping in. Just makes sense.

I know that I hesitate for fear of the unknown. But there are times that I haven’t hesitated and things work out great. There have been times that I have been unwillingly thrown into the unknown and ended up right side up. It just all depends on your mindset, what you do with the cards that life deals you. I know, I’m just throwing those mushy phrases at you, but it’s true. Life isn’t fair, we should all know that by now. BUT life can be as good as we make it too. There’s always another route, another way to look at something.

My question is, what will you do to make life different today? Will you pick up your shoes/clothes so your mother has less work to do? Will you come home and cook dinner for the spouse who has been cooking for you all week? When you get laid off, after an understandable mourning period, will you look for your next big opportunity or fade into the background? This was supposed to be an inspirational post, not sure if it worked. As the great Robin Williams once said, “You’re only given a little spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it.”

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This Year

I have hope that this year will be amazing. I’m starting a new job, my husband and I have  our college degrees and the future looks bright. I don’t like focusing on all of the white noise that surrounds us or the negativity that can distract from the everyday blessings.

I hope this year is more peaceful than the last, that we all work together more than ever before to reach our prime. As in business, I believe that team work is the answer. Kindness to your fellow-man or woman, is the answer.

There are a lot of things I hope, but mainly I hope everyone has a fun, safe new year!!

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This Past Week-Got A Lot Done

This past week was a whirlwind of different things that came up. Life showing that it’s always moving and pushing you to the next thing. The first half of the week I was worrying about my husband, who was sick. I was also afraid of getting sick myself. Even while he was still recovering he took me to an event that was more important than I realized. I had the opportunity to see Frank Sinatra, Jr. I’ve long admired his fathers work and have been a fan of his as well, as he sounds so much like his father.

It was the middle of the week, at one of my favorite historical theatres. One of the first surprises of the night were that there was a younger crowd there. We had expected to be among the youngest, however there were kids in attendance as young as 9 it looked like. The second surprise was how great it was to have a live orchestra play right in front of you. The music was so fresh and you felt like you were involved because you were witnessing it. The third surprise was hearing Frank Sinatra, Jr. sing. While he was singing the first two songs I remember tearing up because it was just so beautiful. He really did embody his father. You could just feel it. He has a beautiful voice and is still kicking butt at 72!! I really loved the show and that my husband was there with me at it. I think some of the music got through to him (wink).

After the concert I had two things to next focus on.  I was running the Gate River Run on Saturday and taking a proctored math test Sunday. The Gate River Run was fun, as always. It was definitely hotter than last year, but luckily there were locals along the route donating their time and resources to keep all of the runners hydrated and fed. It was amazing the number of people that showed up just to watch or cheer on total strangers. I remember just before the race having the feeling of dread, questioning my reasons for doing the run. That all disappeared within the first few miles. I liked the challenge against myself, to push hard and persevere. It’s is gratifying and rewarding to work hard and push yourself so you can finish a goal and follow through. Shows strength and grace. I love seeing people of all ages meshing together for the same reason. It was a good race and I plan to do it next year too!

On my proctored math test, I did well on it. Noticed some discrepancies so that may raise my test grade higher. Always a good thing. Well this past week has closed and I look forward to seeing what this week brings. Bring it on!!

First Half-Marathon Accomplished

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I survived! Did my first ever half-marathon on October 3rd, 2015. Very happy and thrilled that I pushed myself and accomplished something I never thought would happen. Like I said previously, if you told my 4th grade self that one day I’d run a half-marathon, she would be rolling on the ground laughing at you. It just never occurred to me that I could do something challenging like that. I guess there was a turning point in my life, where I realized I am strong and that I can challenge myself and survive.

Luckily the weather was very good for most of this race. It was overcast and cool. I had some family and friends participate as well, to support me and we all stuck together to finish the race together. We did so, with our time being just over 3 hours. Not the fastest, but still not the slowest either. My goal was just to go out there and accomplish something for myself. And I did it. I had amazing support throughout the entire event. I think I’ll start doing more. Wouldn’t mind doing at least 2 half-marathons a year.

Some family members have asked me, now are you going to do a marathon? It’s possible that I may one day attempt a marathon, but in no way would I be able to consistently run a marathon. That’s just over 26 miles! I’m astounded by people who can run those. Who knows, maybe one day I will do it, but for now a half-marathon is a pretty good achievement for me. I wanted to do at least one before I get married and I can count that as one item off of my goals.

Running My First Half-Marathon This Weekend-Need Some Good Vibes!!

I decided enough is enough, I want to run my first half-marathon before I get married this December. Part of me is saying, “You can do this, if you can do the Gate River Run, you can do this.” The other part of me is saying, “Are you nuts? You’re not that fastest, not that strongest, you’re weak.” It’s the second voice that I have to fight most often. I feel like it’s my 4th grade asthmatic self that keeps reminding me that I’m not an elite athlete, I’m just a normal person. But, as I tell that second voice, normal people can still do amazing things. They can push themselves and survive.

I tell myself that I can do this, if not for myself, then for people all over the world who cannot. Just look at some of the amazing veterans right now, who can run marathons with prosthetic limbs. If they can persevere and push themselves to do amazing things, why can’t I? I’ve just really learned to put it all in perspective. If I want something, I got to do it now because there really are no guarantees that I will get to do it tomorrow or in the future. I want to push and challenge myself to do things I previously never thought I could do.

It really is amazing when you think you cannot do something, then you do it and prove yourself wrong. It is the best feeling, really hard to describe. Like when my family (mom, aunt, uncle, cousin) convinced me to do a 5K in 2012. It was my very first one, didn’t know what a 5K was. My family said to take it at my own pace and I would be fine. It was a stadium run, so we dealt with different levels/elevations as well as off/on rain. It was tough but I kept going, never stopping and finished. I wasn’t last either. It was so rewarding to complete something you never thought would be possible.

I hope to continue proving myself wrong and that I’ll continue to surprise myself around every bend. Wish me luck as I attempt to conquer the half-marathon this weekend!

Paying It Forward, Whenever Possible

A few months back I heard of a story where a customer at Starbucks paid for the drink of the person behind her in the drive-thru and it started a chain of pay it forward that lasted for at least an hour. I really thought that was amazing. Around the time of that story I was at a Starbucks one morning and paid for the drink of the person behind me. I left feeling really good, like I did just a little good that day. Not sure if it created a “pay it forward” cycle, but the goal was to put a little surprise into someone’s day.

You see, we’re in such a rush these days, so impolite to each other. It’s sad that when a man holds a door for a woman we’re surprised, when that used to be common practice. Just once in a while we should try doing something nice for someone else, even if it is as simple as buying their coffee. You never know, you could really make someone’s day. I did it again this week, the man behind me had ordered just a regular black coffee and I had no problem buying it for him. I hope I made his day brighter and that maybe it inspired him to do something nice for someone else.

I really do love the “Pay It Forward” movement. It kind of runs parallel to Karma, at least for me it does. If you want a nice life, for people to treat you right or with respect that you, in turn, must be the same back to them. One could say that “Pay it Forward”, “Karma” and the “Golden Rule” all flow together along the same wavelength. They all have the same basic message of: Treat people the way you want to be treated.

I try to implement Pay it Forward whenever I can and encourage others to do so as well!

the semicolon project

Really amazing story, I can totally relate to her struggles


FullSizeRender-1FullSizeRender Today I went to a tattoo artist, and for $60 I let a man with a giant Jesus-tattoo on his head ink a semi-colon onto my wrist where it will stay until the day I die. By now, enough people have started asking questions that it made sense for me to start talking, and talking about things that aren’t particularly easy.

We’ll start here: a semi-colon is a place in a sentence where the author has the decision to stop with a period, but chooses not to. A semi-colon is a reminder to pause and then keep going. 

In April I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. By the beginning of May I was popping anti-depressents every morning with a breakfast I could barely stomach. In June, I had to leave a job I’d wanted since I first set foot on this campus as an incoming freshmen because of my mental…

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