Driving With Your Brights/Emergency Lights On

I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about driving and my latest pet peeves about it. It’s been awhile in general, since I last posted. I’ve been juggling many balls in the air lately, I assure you. But I’m catching up….

First, let’s touch on the subject of driving with your emergency lights on. It’s illegal and people still do it! I don’t understand why. Those lights are for when you are pulled off on the side of the road, to warn others that you are stopped on the side of the road. So…when you are driving with those on, people assume you’ve stopped in the middle of the road. I see it every time that it’s raining outside. People put their emergency lights on…I’m guessing to do so to tell others to go around, when that shouldn’t be the case. Everyone just needs to ride with their lights on during the rain and that’s fine. I just get so peeved when someone breaks the law, not due to an emergency, but because they don’t want to feel pressured by other drivers and want to go 15 mph on a 65 mph highway… No hostility here, I promise 🙂

Now I’m focusing on an issue that both my husband and I agree on. That is driving with your brights on with other traffic in your vicinity. It’s rude and dangerous. Does this look familiar to you? Of course, in real life it’s a lot brighter. 54ca5e1fc8933_-_night-driving-02-0312-de

People seem to not care at all when they’re driving down the road with their brights on, blinding anyone on the opposite side of the road and those in front of them. Is it that they don’t realize that they’re brights are on or do they simply not care? My husband believes that they simply don’t care. I know that it’s quite possible to forget their on, but I also know that there are others that want their brights on no matter what, to make it easier for them to see, no matter who they’re blinding in the process. I’m asking that people just be aware of their surroundings and how they’re vehicle is operating. Make sure your lights are on at night, just make sure the brights aren’t on. It could save lives! Remember, you’re not driving a bubble, but a heavy metal and glass machine. This has been my venting for the day. Thanks very much!

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One of My Biggest Driving Pet Peeves…EVER!!!!

Being an offensive/defensive driver (yes, it is possible to be both), I have a lot of experience with how other people drive. I’m not saying I’m the best driver, I know I have issues, but man oh man, there are so many other drivers that really need a re-education before hitting the roads again. My negatives/faults consist of occasionally speeding (5-15 mph over), riding close to some another vehicle and when I’m agitated and frustrated I can tend to cut people off (but never in a threatening way, I never do it to where it would make someone wreck, etc., sometimes I really think it’s the only way to wake someone up, but I’m sure there could be better ways). I like to call my driving Safe Chaotic Driving. I’m paranoid of other people’s driving, and rightfully so at times, I think.

Are you ever out and about and see someone driving and react, “Oh my goodness, really?!?!” I have one of those moments at least 2-3 times a day as I make my 20 minute trek to and from work. Forgive me, as I’m obviously venting. Instead of taking it out on the road, I’m taking it all out here. There’s a particular issue that peeves me more than merging. Yes…more than merging! I’ll paint the picture for you; help you to be able to visually see what I’m talking about.

You’re driving on the highway, going a good 65-70 miles per hour, when all of a sudden all three lanes are backed up, stopped and then going slow. You edge along wondering what monstrous accident could be causing this much traffic… Your mind is rushing with possibilities thinking of everything that could possibly be causing this much traffic, but you forget to think of the most likely cause, stupidity. You finally edge up to where you can see the cause of all this chaos, and you see it, it’s a car/cars/police car/scene of the accident that is well off the road.

Then you wonder, how could a diversion on the side of the road, back up traffic for three entire lanes??? It’s because people want to (1) know what’s going on and (2) be overly cautious so the same thing doesn’t happen to them. It’s amazing that as soon as you pass said diversion on the side of the road, traffic miraculously speeds back up to the ideal speed. This is truly one of my biggest pet peeves while driving. All of that mess and chaos for something on the side of the road?? I would understand if it was debris in the road or an accident taking up lanes, that makes sense. But really, slowing down and/or stopping for something on the side of the road is dangerous and just doesn’t make sense.

This is my vent of the week, I promise, because it just really heats up my blood every time I experience it or even think about it. Please, let’s change this so we can help limit traffic delays. Thank you!!

Road Trips-Rejuvinating  

There’s just something about road trips, that really make you feel like you’re getting away. You don’t have to fly, you need the road to help you escape the temporary stressors of life. If someone gave me the choice of a free flight to New York City or to pay my expenses for a road trip to New York City, I’d probably pick the road trip. That is he truly American way to view America in all its wonder and beauty.

Yes, there may be some interesting folk along the way, but it can be all worh it for the feeling of accomplishment you get from driving somewhere different than home. I’ve been on a lot of road trips on my time, some for good things and some for bad, some for family reunions and some just for Beanie Babies!!! Either way, there’s always a new experience or story that comes out of it all.

So if you can, go out and enjoy the road and go somewhere new or somewhere with fond memories and enjoy!!! It will rejuvenate your soul 🙂

Driving and Merging, A Never Ending Battle

I could probably do at least 50 pages on one of my biggest driving pet peeves….merging… It’s such a simple task but yet it creates so much havoc. Really, ask my husband-to-be Evan and he will agree with you that I’m obsessed with this point of driving. It really is something that should be taught in every driving school in America. I actually didn’t learn how to merge in driving school, I learned from harsh but real experience. I don’t think people realize how many traffic incidents and traffic build up we could avoid, simply by merging effectively everywhere we go.

There are a number of different merge types that pester me so…

1. The Slow Merger

This type of merger tends to merge onto a 65 mph highway at 40 mph or less. Oh my goodness, it just gets my nerves going just thinking about it at this very moment. You know the cars on the highway are going at least 65-80 mph or more and merging in at 40 mph or less will either cause traffic back-up, sudden stops and finally a collision.

2. The Fast Merger

This type of merger tends to speed merge wherever they go, which is generally bad because most people are going the speed limit or slower. The Fast Merger will often cut lines in order to get closer to their destination, in a quicker manner (Guilty!) and in the process can cause a near-miss accident. Fast Mergers tend to merge quickly, almost without looking to see if they in fact have the lane.

3. The “I don’t know how to merge” Merger

This type of merger tends to act like they really have no idea what to do, to merge safely and successfully. First clue is that when they see their lane disappearing, they start panicking. Then they slam on their breaks and wait for completely no cars before finally merging. Then they wonder why everyone behind them is upset. Not only could this person have caused an accident but they delayed traffic getting onto the highway. The more people at one time that need to get on the highway have to make people already on the highway slow down or stop so they can get in.

4. The “Oh this is where I need to get off” Merger

This type of merger is one that everyone has seen before, the person in the far left lane that suddenly needs to move three lanes to the far right to catch an exit. The type that pulls out of a neighborhood into a middle part of the road, to merge with traffic going the other way and when she/he merges into the traffic it is at a slow pace, causing the people already in that lane to slow or slam on their breaks.

I don’t know if this post will make any difference but it will let me vent like no tomorrow. I travel from the beach(where I work) to the city to get home everyday. I see examples of poor merging that can lead to traffic backing up for miles. Most times, it just backs up where people get on and off the highway, and why do you think that is? It’s poor merging. Look at New York City as an example. One of the busiest cities in the world and yet they manage to not have nearly as many car accidents as the State of Florida. Do you know why? I do, it’s because even though they drive crazy they know how to merge. They dodge in and out to get wherever they need to go. It’s a little harrowing to watch but it’s also mesmerizing because they have the whole thing down, like a choreographed ballet.

So please I beg you, next time you are merging be sure to be aware of your surroundings and to enter the highway at an acceptable speed (60-65mph), turn on your clicker and get over quickly but safely. I’m hoping that if people focus more on their merging we can cut down on some accidents and definitely cut down on some traffic. Thanks for letting me vent 🙂

Rain+Grey Car+No Headlights= Dangerous

Today I’d like to rant about one of the top things that peeve me the most while driving. In case you can’t tell, I’m an anxious person and driving really isn’t the best activity for an anxious person, but I manage it. I’ve noticed a trend every time I’m driving in the rain and I invite everyone to see if they notice this as well… You ever noticed that when there are grey skies or when its raining, grey vehicles do not have on their headlights??? I don’t get it at all, don’t they realize they’re invisible in that environment?

I swear, every time I’m out in the rain or out during a storm I see more than one grey car drive behind me, in front of me or beside me with all of their lights off. I get so frustrated, not just because their endangering themselves (and who ever is with them) but that they’re also endangering other drivers. If was driving a grey car that would be my first item of focus, was to turn my lights on during a storm because during a storm grey cars become invisible. We almost need some sort of advertisement for grey cars, to remind them to turn on their lights during a storm. Please, for the sake and safety of everyone else on the road tell everyone you know who owns a grey vehicle to make sure they turn on their lights when its raining. Thanks! Done with my short rant for the day.

Driver Education Drivers.. Just A Thought

Warning, you will see a lot on this blog about drivers/bad drivers/crazy drivers or crazy driving experiences..

This rant will be in regards to Drivers Education Vehicles. Because if you have a sign on your car saying that, then it’s perfectly okay for you to slam brakes, go very slow and almost cause accidents.

I was on my way home today and that type of vehicle was in the center lane of a three way road and you could just see car after car in front of me swerve to the left or right because he/she was going so epically slow, that you would think the person was drunk. You see, people need to get used to driving amoungst seasoned drivers and the only way is to just throw yourself in there. If you can’t at least go the speed limit then maybe you should be on a closed course?

If anyone has any objective thoughts to this please let me know, just felt like ranting briefly on this topic as I don’t think it’s right that people driving that car pretty much have a free pass to driver however. I don’t think anyone deserves that right, except emergency personnel.