Funny thing, silence can be. One word can be felt in so many different ways, so can no words at all. It all depends on where you are and who you’re with.

Sometimes if we are silent we are determined to be wise, weak, scared, unnerving. Imagine yourself sitting in a hammock outside and there is nothing but silence. During the day that can be peaceful, relaxing, but during the evening it can be scary or make you feel uncertain.

It can bring someone clear thoughts or make the mind race. It can be reassuring or haunting.

There is nothing more peaceful or terrifying then silence.

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I'm a Full-Time Paralegal and getting my B.A.S. in Supervision and Management. I've always loved to write and hope to write at least one book that will be published. That's the overall goal. When I'm not writing, working or studying I like to hang out with my husband and our three furry kids.

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