Anxiety: Controlling That Inner Voice

This is just an interpretation of what it’s like when you have anxiety and basically have a mental conversation with yourself:

I can conquer this,

No you can’t, this is it,

I can maintain my bliss,

No you can’t you are sick.


Can’t listen, I’ve been wrong before,

Don’t have much time, it’s happening now,

You can’t keep doing this to yourself, not any more,

Can’t believe you’re not listening, wow.


Stop talking to me, feeding me lies,

It’s time to freak out, you know it’s true,

Trust your gut, it is more wise,

You’ll never win, I have hold of you.


I can do this, just have to breath,

You’ll never be rid of me, as hard as you try,

Any crazy thoughts, just ask them to leave,

Will try to torment you until the day you die.


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I'm a Full-Time Paralegal and getting my B.A.S. in Supervision and Management. I've always loved to write and hope to write at least one book that will be published. That's the overall goal. When I'm not writing, working or studying I like to hang out with my husband and our three furry kids.

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