Driving With Your Brights/Emergency Lights On

I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about driving and my latest pet peeves about it. It’s been awhile in general, since I last posted. I’ve been juggling many balls in the air lately, I assure you. But I’m catching up….

First, let’s touch on the subject of driving with your emergency lights on. It’s illegal and people still do it! I don’t understand why. Those lights are for when you are pulled off on the side of the road, to warn others that you are stopped on the side of the road. So…when you are driving with those on, people assume you’ve stopped in the middle of the road. I see it every time that it’s raining outside. People put their emergency lights on…I’m guessing to do so to tell others to go around, when that shouldn’t be the case. Everyone just needs to ride with their lights on during the rain and that’s fine. I just get so peeved when someone breaks the law, not due to an emergency, but because they don’t want to feel pressured by other drivers and want to go 15 mph on a 65 mph highway… No hostility here, I promise šŸ™‚

Now I’m focusing on an issue that both my husband and I agree on. That is driving with your brights on with other traffic in your vicinity. It’s rude and dangerous. Does this look familiar to you? Of course, in real life it’s a lot brighter.Ā 54ca5e1fc8933_-_night-driving-02-0312-de

People seem to not care at all when they’re driving down the road with their brights on, blinding anyone on the opposite side of the road and those in front of them. Is it that they don’t realize that they’re brights are on or do they simply not care? My husband believes that they simply don’t care. I know that it’s quite possible to forget their on, but I also know that there are others that want their brights on no matter what, to make it easier for them to see, no matter who they’re blinding in the process. I’m asking that people just be aware of their surroundings and how they’re vehicle is operating. Make sure your lights are on at night, just make sure the brights aren’t on. It could save lives! Remember, you’re not driving a bubble, but a heavy metal and glass machine. This has been my venting for the day. Thanks very much!

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4 thoughts on “Driving With Your Brights/Emergency Lights On”

  1. The brights issue: I think there are some of both types of drivers. The Clueless and the Assholes, neither of which should be driving for those reasons alone. What drives me nuts is that some of these people, whichever camp they are in, refuse to dim their lights after I flick mine at them. I have toyed with the idea of finding/fixing to my car the brightest spotlight I can find, and when someone doesn’t respond to the reminder, just flat out blinding them.

    Subtlety is one of my strengths.

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    1. It’s funny, that’s exactly what my husband would want to do. Not necessarily to scare, but to teach or show them what they are doing to others. Just a little bit of vengeance, safe non-violent vengeance, is that such a bad thing?

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      1. I recognize that escalation isn’t really the proper response; but sometimes it gets tiring being the only courteous person around. šŸ™‚

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