Dreams-Meaningful Messages or Static



Are they really messages from a different reality or are just the static from our busy brains melding together to create some weird picture show? It’s hard for me to pick one side or the other, because I feel both ways about the subject. I feel that sometimes our minds can really throw together some random pictures or memories, sometimes it pulls from the past and sometimes it can pull from what happened that very day. For example, this one time I had a dream that Kevin Spacey was in. Can’t remember the whole storyline but I do remember him slowly turning into one of those black beetles. But he didn’t turn fully into a beetle, he had a small version of his head with sunglasses, on a beetles body. Yes…I know…odd. Could never logically explain that dream.

Now my evidence to support that some dreams may really be messages, I think, is really interesting. My grandfather passed in October 2014, as most know, and I had a difficult time grieving afterwards. I would have these weird moments where I felt like someone was watching me and there were a few times when I was alone in my car that I felt someone pull at the back of my head. Really weird stuff. I assumed it was my grandfather who recently passed, felt strongly that it was him. I could feel him close to me, trying to communicate something. I couldn’t really get it but felt like he was right in my ear telling me something over and over. It didn’t help that I was also having multiple dreams of him trying to communicate a message to me.

In the first dream, I was on this farmland and walked toward a farmhouse. There on the porch sat my grandfather and he looked up, noticed my (I assume shocked) expression and pointed to his watch. He tapped it several times while looking at me and the I woke up. I recall another dream where I was at a restaurant with some family and he had managed to wedge himself between me and my dad. He was having a conversation with me, apologizing for everything, that he loved me and he was sorry. He also mentioned to watch my father. He seemed upset and what was really odd about the dream was that, in it, I was the only one that saw him. Family members would keep interrupting me to get my attention and ask what I was doing. Even in a dream, they couldn’t see him. Even in a dream they thought I was bonkers. But you know the dreams seemed to stop, shortly after Father’s Day 2015.

After having the weird feelings and weird dreams I turned to Pinterest, which I had been using since 2013 to plan my wedding. I found an amazing catalogue of quotes on grief and healing. I created a board dedicated to those types of posts because they helped me grieve. They truly did. Seeing that so many people had felt the same way in their grief helped. I can’t explain it. What I did for my father in 2015 was put together a collection of some of the best Pinterest pins on grief and loss of a loved one. I gave them to my father to hopefully help his healing, because I think my grandfather was worried that he wasn’t grieving, that he was suffering so much and had no way to vent it. I really hope that binder has done him good. I think it has, because the dreams have stopped. The feeling of my grandfather being close to my ear is gone. It’s like we were able to take the next step.

So yeah, it’s hard for me to lean either way. What I could agree on is that some dreams are just static, mixed up images and memories from the past. But also, some dreams are really meant to be a message. We may not always understand who the message is from, but we know that it is meant for us.

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I'm a Full-Time Paralegal and getting my B.A.S. in Supervision and Management. I've always loved to write and hope to write at least one book that will be published. That's the overall goal. When I'm not writing, working or studying I like to hang out with my husband and our three furry kids.

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