Paying It Forward, Whenever Possible

A few months back I heard of a story where a customer at Starbucks paid for the drink of the person behind her in the drive-thru and it started a chain of pay it forward that lasted for at least an hour. I really thought that was amazing. Around the time of that story I was at a Starbucks one morning and paid for the drink of the person behind me. I left feeling really good, like I did just a little good that day. Not sure if it created a “pay it forward” cycle, but the goal was to put a little surprise into someone’s day.

You see, we’re in such a rush these days, so impolite to each other. It’s sad that when a man holds a door for a woman we’re surprised, when that used to be common practice. Just once in a while we should try doing something nice for someone else, even if it is as simple as buying their coffee. You never know, you could really make someone’s day. I did it again this week, the man behind me had ordered just a regular black coffee and I had no problem buying it for him. I hope I made his day brighter and that maybe it inspired him to do something nice for someone else.

I really do love the “Pay It Forward” movement. It kind of runs parallel to Karma, at least for me it does. If you want a nice life, for people to treat you right or with respect that you, in turn, must be the same back to them. One could say that “Pay it Forward”, “Karma” and the “Golden Rule” all flow together along the same wavelength. They all have the same basic message of: Treat people the way you want to be treated.

I try to implement Pay it Forward whenever I can and encourage others to do so as well!


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I'm a Full-Time Paralegal and getting my B.A.S. in Supervision and Management. I've always loved to write and hope to write at least one book that will be published. That's the overall goal. When I'm not writing, working or studying I like to hang out with my husband and our three furry kids.

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