Movie Review-House of Wax (1953)


Just watched this old gem again last evening. It’s really amazing to see what they were accomplishing in film in the 1950s. I wanted to review this film in order to thrust it back into the spotlight, so it can be respected for its importance in history.


The overall atmosphere is generally creepy. You know that odd things are going on constantly and it is creepy not knowing what will happen next in the story. The atmosphere stays with you until the end/conclusion and possibly even afterwards, as you ponder what you would’ve done if you were in that position.


The story is well written and balanced. It starts well, with a conflict occurring that helps you to relate to the main character (played by Vincent Price). The dialogue is believable and the resolution is truthful and quite possible if this situation were to play out in real life. However, to me there is a question of whether certain parts were taken too far or whether certain things were focused on longer than they would’ve been in real life. Overall the script was bearable, as most 1950s films can have lackluster stories, and it keeps you interested and keen on seeing the conclusion.


The acting overall is good, the best being of course Mr. Vincent Price. His performance is always a well balance of realism and dramatic flare. In this movie he did exactly what I expected, but had less dramatic flare this time. The other actors were fine, but you can really tell who the leading talent is in this picture.


I say this film is revolutionary mainly because of one part, which I hadn’t noticed in movies before 1953 (forgive me if I’m wrong), but a character was talking and interacting with the audience. I think this is the earliest example I’ve seen of this type of behavior. It really did surprise me.

Overall: This film may have not been nominated for an Oscar, but it’s definitely worth a watch if you want to watch something creepy and interesting. Would recommend anyone watch it for a good dose of creepy! 🙂


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