Meryl Streep: Screen Goddess

Meryl Streep Headshot

Meryl Streep is a goddess, both off-screen and on. She should be the ultimate inspiration for all women and young girls. She beautiful, modest, smart and does things how she wants, when she wants. I have a total woman crush on her, it is unbelievable! Just ask my husband-to-be. It’s nothing to be concerned about I assure you, I just really respect her, especially her talent. She has the ability to really make you believe she is the character she’s portraying.  I started watching Modern Family about a year ago and watched it from the beginning. In the first season one of the characters, Cam, has the perfect reaction to someone commenting that she didn’t think Meryl Streep was right for the main part in Mamma Mia. Cam’s reaction is totally my reaction, he says to the audience, “Excuse me, Meryl Streep could play Batman, and be the right choice, she is perfection. Whether she’s divorcing Kramer, whether she’s wearing prada..” My sentiments exactly.

Below I describe some of my favorite Meryl Streep movies and why they’re some of my favorites:

Death Becomes Her (1992)

Death Becomes Her

I remember seeing this movie when I was younger and being so entranced by it. It is a comedy but also so dark and twisted. The special effects are phenomenal and the acting of course is top-notch. It’s like three serious actors got together and decided to do some twisted version of a soap opera. Really entertaining and would recommend it to anyone who a) likes any of the actors in it and (b) wants to go down the 90s memory lane.

One True Thing (1998)

One True Thing

Again, I remember watching this when I was younger and thought it was amazing. Of course, I didn’t pick up on all the adult overtones but once I got older I still loved it and understood it even more. Everyone in it is amazing, especially Meryl. She completely took that role and made it her own. If you have a box of tissues handy, then you should be fine!

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Devil Wears Prada

You can’t have a best of list, with Meryl Streep’s movies without mentioning The Devil Wears Prada. This is again, one of her best performances where you truly believed she was that character. She played the role perfectly and was able to make you hate her, love her and sympathize with her all at the same time.

Julie & Julia (2009)

J and J

Love this movie! Makes me want to cook every time I watch it. The acting is good all around. There are some things I wish were focused on more than others, but still Meryl shows her amazing acting chops all the same.

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)


I saw this version of the movie, before the original Frank Sinatra version (which is also very good) and just loved the writing and the premise. Meryl Streep played a determined and creepy mother to a politician, showing just how far she’s willing to go so her son can succeed. One of my favorites with her in it.

Mamma Mia (2008)

Mamma Mia

Besides Death Becomes Her, I had no idea Meryl could sing/dance?!? I knew after watching this movie that she was a triple threat! I later found out that before her actor career took off, she was studying to become an opera singer. So that explain’s her amazing singing in this movie. Love it all!

The Iron Lady (2011)

Iron Lady

This is an amazing movie, I learned a lot of history from it. This is another example of her completely taking over a role and becoming that person. I’m sure if Margaret Thatcher could see her in that movie, she’d agree that she did it marvelously. Amazing make-up/transformation as well.

It’s Complicated (2009)

Its Complicated

This one is one of her most recent accomplishments. A really clever movie, funny and serious. She does marvelous and I really think she enjoyed making the movie. Her character wins you over within the first 5 minutes and holds onto your heart the entire movie. See if you haven’t yet!!!!

On Ranker, someone has listed 67 of her films and ranked them from best to worst. in case you’d like to take a gander, here it is:


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