James Holmes Trial-Colorado Movie Theater Shooter


Definitely keeping an eye on this particular case. It’s interesting that people focused so much on it in 2012, but totally forgot about it. I understand that other horrible things have happened in the world, but I don’t like how a case as prolific as this one just gets swept under the rug. I mean what is more terrifying than taking your family to the movies and being hunted/gunned down? That is terrifying to me, as the movies has always been an escape for me, a relaxing environment.

That all changed in July 2012,  now whenever I enter a movie theatre I always look around and always think of the Aurora Shooting. This shooting changed/affected me as I’m sure it did with others. I’m glad the trial is almost complete and really hope that the Jury sees the facts and not what the Defense attorneys are trying to show. It’s clearly obvious from the evidence and witness testimony that Mr. Holmes is Guilty and should be sentenced as such. Defense is trying to create the image that he was temporarily insane and that he had an episode? When you do not have control of your body, you do not take months to plan something execute it and then turn yourself in quietly. Let’s say he did have a psychotic episode, then why (now that he’s sane, sound minded) has he not shown any remorse?

If I had a mental episode, where I didn’t realize what I was doing and found out later, I would be devastated and crying my eyes out 24/7! Seriously, Defense is just grasping at straws but I don’t think it will pay off in the end. The prosecution has rested and Defense is expected to rest any day now. Included some helpful news stories with more details on the current trial. I hope this trial ends soon and gives the victims/their families some peace of mind and/or closure. Let’s not forget this tragedy people!




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