Historic Legal Decision-Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Across the Board

© Joshua Roberts/Reuter
© Joshua Roberts/Reuter

In case not everyone heard, Gay Marriage has been legalized across the board/entire United States. What a historical legal decision and I’m glad to witness this in my lifetime! I know there will be a lot of negative backlash but I hope that is outweighed by the positives. Today is another step towards acceptance in this country. I’ve always been saddened by the treatment of the LGBT community, how they’ve been persecuted for being who they are. I saw one post recently where a young man came out to his family and friends, his father subsequently posted a horrible rant to his son, on Facebook of all places. He blamed his son, saying things like “How could you do this to us?” “We paid for all your schooling and taken care of you, raised  you and you do this to us?” Just horrible things. I know that, if I were born that way, my parents would still have supported and loved me as much as they do now.

I congratulate all the couples who can now get married and be recognized fully as citizens.

For more info on this, please see the following article:



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